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Tony Crotty carries back a couple of Canada geese during an early season hunt in North Dakota. (Bret Amundson/Forum News Service)
Port: Legislation introduced to end the presumption of access to unposted private land
1 hour 42 min ago
Brian Schanilec: Proposal would change hunting forever
4 hours 58 min ago
Our view: Flouting of service dog rule must end
5 hours 1 min ago
January 17, 2019
Plain Talk: Rep. Karla Rose Hanson talks about gun seizure legislation, good idea or bad?
20 hours 18 min ago
Port: Do North Dakota gay rights activists really want to achieve their objectives?
23 hours 13 min ago
Nicole Phillips, Kindness is Contagious columnist.
Kindness is Contagious: Kindness helps us embrace humanity
23 hours 24 min ago
Letter: Voice of the people shouldn't be removed
January 17, 2019 - 6:20am
Letter: No tax breaks for demolishing history
January 17, 2019 - 6:15am
Mike Jacobs: Roosevelt's ND legacy deserves more
January 17, 2019 - 6:13am
Our view: ND taxpayers need to see security costs
January 17, 2019 - 6:10am
January 16, 2019
McFeely: Fargo-Moorhead diversion derailed, for now, by watershed board
January 16, 2019 - 9:13pm
Plain Talk Podcast: Rep. Kelly Armstrong says Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is 'incredibly nice'
January 16, 2019 - 2:24pm
Lloyd Omdahl: Open letter to Democratic Congress
January 16, 2019 - 6:13am
Our view: Republicans right to lash out at King
January 16, 2019 - 6:10am
January 15, 2019
Stock Image / Pixabay
Port: Legislation would let the government seize guns from people deemed as possibly dangerous
January 15, 2019 - 12:10pm