Track COVID-19 vaccine administration in Grand Forks and surrounding areas

Track the vaccination process in Grand Forks and other areas.

Coronavirus Vaccine Tracker

The COVID-19 vaccination is being distributed in phases, based on criteria determined by individual states. Find information and resources about the vaccination process in North Dakota and Minnesota below, and visit the COVID-19 Herald page.

North Dakota

Click the banners below for up-to-date vaccination info for North Dakota and localities.

North Dakota COVID-19 vaccination rates and progress


North Dakota COVID-19 vaccine availability and locations

North Dakota's vaccine eligibility is open to all people ages 16 and older. Click the above to learn about vaccine opportunities from each provider.


Click the banners below for up-to-date vaccination info for Minnesota and localities.

Minnesota COVID-19 vaccination rates and progress

Minnesota COVID-19 vaccine availability and location info

Minnesota's vaccine eligibility is open to all people ages 16 and older.


Additional vaccine phases, resources

North Dakota

  • In North Dakota, anyone who does not have internet access can reach the North Dakota Department of Health public health hotline at 1-866-207-2880 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday and 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturdays.
  • Thrifty White Pharmacy is receiving federal doses of COVID-19 vaccine. Visit the Thrifty White Pharmacy website to see if there’s a Thrifty White Pharmacy near you with vaccine available and clinic slots open.

  • Phase 1A includes the following:

    • Healthcare workers in direct contact with COVID-19
    • First Responders
    • Long-term care residents and staff

    Phase 1B includes the following in order of priority:

    • Persons age 75 and older
    • Persons age 65 – 74 with two or more high-risk medical conditions
    • Staff and persons living in other congregate settings (i.e., corrections, group homes, treatment centers, homeless shelters, etc.)
    • Persons age 65 and older with one or more high-risk medical conditions
    • Persons age 65 and older with or without high-risk medical conditions
    • Persons with two or more high-risk medical conditions regardless of age
    • Child care workers
    • Workers employed by preschools or Kindergarten through 12th grade

    Phase 1C includes the following in order of priority:

    • National guard, not previously covered
    • Grocery workers
    • Public safety answering points (911)
    • COVID-19 vaccine manufacturing workers
    • Healthcare/public health workers not in Phase 1A
    • Public transit workers, including bus, taxi and ride-share workers
    • People age 16-64 with one underlying health condition
    • Blood bank workers not previously vaccinated
    • IT workers not able to work from home
    • All other essential workers per Cyber Security & Infrastructure Security Agency (57% of North Dakotans are considered essential workers, according to state)

    Phase 2

    • General public


    Phase 1A

    • Health care personnel
    • Long-term care residents

    More about those in the 1A phase.

    Phase 1B

    • People aged 75+
    • Front-line essential workers (i.e. school staff, first responders, food workers, manufacturing, corrections workers, postal workers, public transit workers, etc.)

    Phase 1C


    • People aged 65-74
    • People aged 16-64 with high-risk medical conditions
    • Other essential workers

    Phase 2

    • General public
    • In Minnesota, people with questions regarding COVID-19 can call the state help line at 651-297-1304, or 1-800-657-3504, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday-Friday.
    • Visit the Clay County Public Health vaccination webpage or call the hotline at 218-299-7204.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: How will I know when I can get a COVID-19 vaccination shot?

    A: Most locations in Grand Forks are giving vaccinations to those 65 and older with high-risk medical conditions. Visit the Grand Forks Herald Coronavirus page for updated information regarding vaccine distribution.

    Q: Where are vaccine shots being given?

    A: You can visit the North Dakota COVID-19 Vaccine Locator to pinpoint the nearest locations to you.

    Q. Where can I learn more about the COVID-19 vaccine, distribution and safety?

    A: Visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's comprehensive website for more answers to frequent questions.


    Q. How do our states compare to others when it comes to vaccine distribution?

    A: The best way to know this from day to day is using the CDC's Covid Data Tracker site.

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